Saturday, 29 September 2012

Changing Room Snaps

Frosty Nights

I am a bit poor at the moment therefore I thought I would share with you an outfit I would buy if i could afford it!

This is the perfect outfit for a winter night, worn with black tights, heels and a leather Jacket.

Both items are from the new Miss Selfridge collection, I love the lace shirt because of the cute subtle puff sleeves and the plum ribbon tie that luckily perfectly matches the Peplum Skirt. This shirt has been featured in many magazines so you may be fighting me and many others at the checkout on pay day.

You may have noticed that I absoloutly love this colour and I think it is perfect to add an element of luxury to your winter wardrobe.
Team with a Romantic Goth Lipstick and 
you are ready to go.                             


  1. That is a great outfit, I've always loved that little touch of goth....


  2. u look fab, very pretty. Loving the colour of that peplum skirt

  3. Hi lovely! Thank you for the follow. I was following you already so I am just letting you know :D keep blogging!