Monday, 21 January 2013

Better late than never!

Frieze Art Fair

Last year I went to Frieze and I keep on meaning to do a post about it, and seeing as I have been so busy I thought it a shame to not do the post at all, so 3 months late here it is! My trip to Frieze.

Luckily I had VIP Passes thanks to friends,so we walked straight on through. The queues to buy tickets were massive and about 1 hour long, I felt amazing walking straight through, I felt so important!, a taste of what is hopefully to come in my future - hopefully.

The basis of Frieze is that galleries from all around the world exhibit what they have to offer for the coming year, with key pieces from their collection showing the direction they wish to take. It is essentially a networking event within the art community however the public can have a look too. It was very busy, that being an understatement. A massive tent in regents park, held the exhibition,  literally incasing the trees similar to that of an art great exhibition, just a bit smaller!
The beautiful regents park is surrounded by white georgian town houses, which are my dream home, so I enjoyed walking past these on the way.
The fair is set out with stands for each gallery which are sorted by country, as if you travel around the world. I loved the cardboard box label signs for each space. This vibrant pink floor seen below was part of Pilar Corrias gallery London, this image does not show how bright the flooring was, you may think it would take away attention from the art but it oddly complemented it and proved London for being the rebel capital. 
Dairy lea Cheese laughing cow carpets, bizarre but great - I think I may replace my bedroom carpet!  Doggy cube stools added to the arty environment and these little touches made it a great experience with something interesting around every corner.

My favourite work from the entire collection seemed to come from Mumbai, these up and coming indian artists, work tends to revolve around used products, due to western countries dumping their landfill in developing countries. Therefore these artists seem to have taken recycling as a fundamental aspect of their media creating interesting and new work that reflects their new environment.

Some of the work was even interactive, the whole fair felt relaxed and didn't have the stuffy feeling of a gallery when you are almost too scared to even look at the work let alone walk through it!

The beauty of Frieze is that you will just stumble across an Emin and then an artist you have never heard of before. You are opened up to so much interesting work in one visit, it is slightly overwhelming the volume of work in this tent!

Clockwise from Top Right: Klaus Weber Untitled Broken Window 2012, Haegue Yang Rainbow out of the water 2012, Robert Mapplethorpe Glass Collection 1984, Jenny Holzer Ritual between us.... 2006/2011, Unknown, Gabriel Orozco Rosiseau 12 2012, Oscar Murillo work! #9 2012

I love Jenny Holzer Ritual between us.. 2006/2011, this black and white pigment print has an amazing quality as it looks like a charcoal and chalk drawing, the willow has an ethereal foggy quality and although blurred is still defined.

Clockwise from top right: Zhang Huan, Derek Jarman Eyes 1987, Jean Dubfett Voyage au bissac mai 1995, Tracey Emin, Adrian Ghenie, Tracey Emin, Harland Miller Whats the hubbub-bub

Clockwise from Top Right: Fiona Rae Present Party for you 2012, Kiki Smith Telling 2010, Susan Hiller Recent Work 1972-1973, Elliott Hundley Untitled 2012, unknown, Fiona Rae Close ups

Fiona Rae 'Present Party for you' 2012 was one of my favourite pieces of the day the colour combination is beautiful, the contrast of the purple yellow and greens is exquisite. I love the way Rae uses the paint, soft blurred edges, confident brush stokes, drips and flicks all coming together create a mesmerising finished piece.

I would recommended booking in advance and taking a trip to frieze next year, it may be expensive at around £25 a ticket but there is a lot to see and it a great day out.


  1. What a great exhibition! It looks like there were some really great pieces!

  2. It looks like it was so much fun and tons of great pieces. Great post!. Btw, thanks for visiting my blog!


    1. Thank you,
      Yes there were lots of great pieces there

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