Monday, 21 January 2013

New Love - New Year

Manuela Dack

Just found an amazing up and coming designer, featured in Italian vogue numerous times (not bad!),  whos clean cut clothes and esquisite fabrics create the perfect sharp tailored look complemented with gorgeous sheer feminine fabric. 

Soft chiffon, preppy collars and sporty sweatshirts this collection is beautifully juxtoposed and I feel as though it has been made for me - I LOVE IT! Her signature combination of leather and silk and beautiful silohettes is so exciting.

Current stockists:

The Shop at Bluebird 
350 King's Road
London SW3 5UU020 7351 3873

I am starting to save now for a wardrobe revamp! - All donations gladly accepted...

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  1. Ha! I'm taking donations too. Loving some of those outfits!

  2. They are great, the whole collection is fantastic!
    There is a sale on Avenue 32 but it is still too expensive :(